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The Reality of Car Rental Accidents

Many travelers have been on business trips or vacations in which renting a vehicle is almost a necessity.  According to the U.S. Travel Association, $162.8 billion was spent in 2014 alone just on automobile transportation. This number does not include any of the money spent toward public transportation.  Although some Americans may have mixed feelings on renting cars, the Las Vegas Review Journal reported that Las Vegas was the number four city in the U.S. where people fear rental car accidents.  This is based on a survey conducted by the Atlanta-based insurance company Protect Your Bubble.  The company said that many of the fears of renting a car deal with driving an unfamiliar car on unfamiliar streets.  Stephen Ebbett, the CEO of the company, said that under these conditions even the “safest drivers may find themselves at a higher risk for an accident.”


Insurance Coverage for Rentals

The fear of getting into a car accident typically drives many Americans to purchase insurance from car rental agencies.  However, some renters opt not to purchase any additional insurance.  The Los Angeles Times reports that drivers may not even need to purchase additional insurance. Drivers may not have to purchase additional insurance if their personal insurance covers them while they are renting.  Additionally, some individuals may have coverage through credit cards; if they rented a car with those credit cards, then those insurance benefits may cover damage.  The frustrations and questions concerning rental insurance affect many Americans, but especially so in Las Vegas.  The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority reports that just last year there were 41,126,512 visitors that came to the city.  When 19% of those visitors are coming to Las Vegas for the first time, it is important that you are familiar with your own insurance in case you are in an accident.


Accidents in Las Vegas

Just a cursory glance at the traffic accidents section of the Las Vegas Sun demonstrates the number of accidents that occur during any given month. On December 8th a motorcyclist died after rear ending a BMW on Blue Diamond Road.  Just four days later a Vegas man was killed with three others injured in a two car accident just west of the strip.  These are only a couple of the accidents compared to the many that happen every year.  There was no indication that these drivers were renting, but the number of renters will fluctuate with the rise and fall of the tourist seasons.


What to do if you are in an accident?

As mentioned before, if you are in an accident there is a chance that it may be with a car renter who is not fully covered by their insurance.  If this happens, there are multiple factors that go into whether or not you may be liable for any of those damages.  That is why, after the accident, and after you receive any medical treatment, you should contact a licensed Nevada auto attorney. Only a licensed attorney will be able to assist you with your claim.

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