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Negligent Security Cases Against Las Vegas Bars and Nightclubs

A Las Vegas nightclub or bar owner is responsible for maintaining a safe environment within their club – especially when patrons are involved, as any negligence can potentially lead to injuries and personal injury lawsuits. This negligence could also lead to foreseeable criminal acts – which is where inadequate or negligent security cases typically originate in Las Vegas bars and nightclubs alike.

Below is a brief overview of this case type and, more importantly, how a Las Vegas injury lawyer who specializes in negligent security cases can help get you the justice that you and your family deserve. 

How Can an Injury Lawyer Prove Negligent Security? 

It can be very difficult to prove negligent security actions were the direct or indirect cause of resulting criminal acts – such as assault, battery, or robbery. However, an experienced attorney at your disposal can lighten the load and boost your chances of receiving a positive outcome in court. 

Your lawyer will essentially have to build a case that proves that the property owner: 

In addition, the lawyer must prove that you, the plaintiff filing the lawsuit against the nightclub, were not trespassing, were physically harmed due to the negligent security at the club and/or suffered monetary damages as a result of the criminal act conducted within the premises. 

Appreciating the Value of Expert Witnesses

The value of an expert witness in a negligent security case cannot be overstated. These experts are able to highlight crime data within the area or even, more specifically, the insufficiencies and discrepancies found within the property owner’s security protocol. 

For instance, low lighting is a major concern in nightclub and bar-related cases. The lighting can make the atmosphere fun and energetic when it is programmed and used correctly. However, insufficient lighting can create trip hazards and other safety concerns. 

An expert witness with knowledge of lighting standards could play an integral role in your case. 

poor bar security can lead to criminal acts

Identifying the Responsibility of the Plaintiff 

As with any other case or lawsuit filed against a property owner regarding his or her alleged negligence, it is imperative to analyze the role played by the plaintiff as well. For instance, with negligent security cases involving Las Vegas nightclubs, the opposing counsel will try to dissect everything about what the plaintiff did at the nightclub leading up to the moment in question that could raise reasonable doubt. 

Keep in mind that the goal of the opposing counsel is just to move the blame away from their client (the nightclub owner). If that means dissecting your credibility as the plaintiff and poking holes in your statement, then that is something that they are more than willing to do. 

This is why you need to invest in the expertise of an injury lawyer that specializes in Las Vegas nightclub negligent security cases to level the playing field. 

Other Issues in Nightclubs That Could Involve Negligence

In addition to low lighting, there are other issues and potentially hazardous situations in nightclubs and bars that could lead to negligence. For instance, the overcrowding of a facility may seem to be a quick way to generate more money for the club owner, but also a quick way for patrons to become injured – especially in the event of an evacuation or other emergency. 

There is also the issue of food poisoning to consider in bars and nightclubs. The dance floor is a highlight of these venues, but the quality of the food presented on the menu needs to be safe and clean as well. 

If a bar or club owner does not take the necessary steps to prevent food contamination, this could generate a substantial amount of compensation for the affected patrons that seek legal representation to protect them. 

Schedule a Consultation with a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer to Explore Your Options Now

The last thing you want to do is to assume that you can handle this type of negligent security case on your own without any legal assistance. It is easy to mistakenly assume that these cases are “open and shut” – especially if you have already collected a considerable amount of evidence that you would like to present. 

To make sure that you give yourself a fair shot, though, it is highly recommended that you discuss the matter with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney. Call (702) 789-6668 and schedule a free consultation with The Terry Group, PLLC today to get an honest assessment of all available options.

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