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An attorney in Maryland created a calculator for what you might receive from workers’ compensation. While this calculator is based on Maryland laws, it can give injured workers in Nevada a general idea of what they might be able to expect from their case. You will enter your level of pain at 1 to 10, enter your average weekly wage, and enter how long you’ve been away from work. Find this calculator at

With a fictional injured worker client who has a back injury and who made $500 per week before the injury, who is also experiencing moderate pain and disability (5/10), the calculator reveals an amount of $18,500. However, if we then apply Nevada law statues and regulations by including a 5% impairment with those numbers, then the award comes to $7,500 to $11,500. Still, if used with caution and in mind of other laws and factors that may apply to any given situation, this calculator can help anyone get a starting point for what their case might be worth.

Some cases are easier to predict than others with just a little bit of information:

  • Average Monthly Wage
  • Chronological Age of Worker
  • Probable Percentage of Impairment

Cases that involve more serious injuries require the results of objective diagnostic tests, operations performed, additional tests, residual problems, etc. An attorney’s evaluation of the case will require more detail and information than the online calculator, and their prediction will be more precise.

If a client hires an attorney based on the expectation of a particular dollar figure, then this can lead to disappointment if the client ends up with less than this predicted amount. For this reason, many attorneys prefer to discuss the range of percentage for injuries of a similar nature and the various factors that will be taken into account with the rating doctor and the AMA Guides to calculate the actual percentage for any case. It is better for clients to understand the process and not feel misled by unrealistic expectations with a dollar figure that may not be met.

Nevada Workers’ Compensation Statute of Limitations

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