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Personal Injury on Construction Sites

There is a general understanding that construction sites are inherently dangerous.  It is for this reason that construction workers typically are required to wear hard hats and steel-toed boots when they are present on construction sites.  Despite these precautions, sometimes accidents still happen.  The unfortunate reality is that accidents at construction sites often occur not only to construction workers, but also to innocent bystanders.  Often problems with large equipment can present dangers to multiple people within the vicinity of construction sites.  This is especially true of construction cranes.


New York Crane Fatality

In one recent incident in New York City, a construction crane collapsed, killing one person and injuring multiple others.  According to ABC News, on Friday, February 6th, a 565-foot-long crane fell onto a Manhattan street, killing David Wichs, a 38-year-old employee of a trading firm.  Three other people were hit by debris and injured.  Currently an investigation is underway to discover the reason for the accident.  The crane was installed less than a week before collapsing.  CBS Local News reported that the New York City Comptroller spoke out against the Department of Buildings for only implementing eight out of the 65 recommendations put forth in a safety study completed only a few years earlier.


Crane accidents are not something unheard unheard of in Manhattan. ABC 7 News reported a similar crane accident occurring less than a year earlier in May 2015.  In the accident no one died, but 10 people were reported injured.  Similar to the newest investigation, the Fire Department and Department of Buildings were looking into whether or not all of the necessary permits were procured and the correct rules were followed.


Lethal Crane Accidents

The danger of crane accidents is not limited to within the states.  It was only a few months ago, according to the Chicago Tribune, that a crane in Saudi Arabia crashed into Mecca’s Grand Mosque.  The result was the death of 107 people before the annual hajj.  It was not immediately clear at the time who owned the crane, but Saudi officials began an investigation soon after the incident.


Crane Personal Injury in Nevada

Of course Las Vegas is no stranger to these incidents.  Just a few months ago News 3 Las Vegas reported an incident in which a crane crashed into a local man’s house. Luckily no one was hurt after the crane tipped over, ruining the home, but injury was certainly a possibility.  According to the Las Vegas Review Journal in 2014 a crane struck a utility pole and stopped traffic in North Las Vegas for several hours.  Although the incident occurred during a Monday morning, the only reported injuries were minor.


If you are unfortunate enough to be hit by a crane you should seek medical attention immediately. After you are treated for your injuries you should contact a licensed Nevada personal injury attorney.  If a loved one was killed in a crane accident, you may still be able to recover. You should contact a personal injury attorney to discuss the potential of a wrongful death claim.

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