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6 Ways to Avoid Car Crashes in Las Vegas And Ensure Driver Safety

The glamorous and flamboyance of the stupendous Las Vegas captures the attention of a wide number of visitors every year. It also means a significant rise in the number of drivers on the road of Las Vegas as the number of visitors increase. In Las Vegas, there are 21% more car accidents as compared to the national average.

The year 2018 was the deadliest year for driving in Nevada in the last 10 years. There were around 331 driving fatalities, which is one of the highest numbers in a decade for car crashes in Las Vegas.

Causes of Car Crashes in Las Vegas:

Sin City is one of the best places to live it up if you are looking for quality time. But this quality time can turn rough and ugly. Las Vegas is one of the top cities in the country for DUI-related car accidents. There are approximately 8,000 intoxicated drivers arrested every year.

However, this is not the sole reason for the rise in car crashes in Las Vegas. Negligence in wearing a seat belt is another contributing factor for the high number of road fatalities. Driving under the influence of drugs and without a seat belt is like a disaster waiting to happen.

Distracted driving is another leading cause of the city’s road accidents. Several Nevada drivers have the tendency to eat, use their mobile phones, and pay attention to their pets while driving. The city experiences gridlock on a regular basis. Lastly, an abundance of traffic lights after every mile makes drivers even more negligent and restless. You need to do your part to make sure that you don’t become part of the road accidents that occur in the area.

Avoiding Car Crashes in Las Vegas:

There are certain ways to avoid car crashes in Las Vegas:

  • Eradicate all Distractions Before Hitting the Road:

The easiest and simplest way to keep yourself and the people around you safe and secure during a drive is to dedicate all your attention to the road while operating your vehicle. Numerous people use cell phones as GPS while driving; instead, try to use voice controls as opposed to your hands. If you impulsively hold your phone every time you receive a text or call, it’s better to turn off the notifications until you have parked your vehicle.

When you bring along your pet for the ride, make sure to kennel it as pets have the habit of roaming around in the car which is quite distracting. It is better to refrain from eating while on the go. Always try to keep both your hands on the wheel.

  • Wear Your Seat Belt All the Time:

There is not enough reason to drive without wearing a seat belt.  It’s one of the most basic, preventive safety measures that a car offers you. If you are reluctant to use a seat belt, you are putting yourself at a greater risk. If the seat belt is uneasy, try to use a shoulder pad seat belt to make it comfortable for you to wear.

  • Slow Down and Refrain from Drinking in the Fast Lane:

The National Administration reports state that speeding accounts for nearly 30% of road fatalities. The faster you drive; the lesser time you have to react to someone cutting in front of you at a slower pace. This is a common occurrence leading to car crashes in fast lanes. It’s always better to arrive late than never.

  • Pay Attention to All Your Surroundings:

A vigilant driver always keeps their eyes on the road ahead and knows what’s going on in front, behind, left, or right of them. Be well-aware of the way people are driving in your blind spots and steer clear of them.

  • Avoid Driving During Rush Times:

Rush hours and night times are quite risky times of the day to be on the road. There are high traffic commuting hours between 8 – 9 am and 5 – 6 pm, and the time after dark. Late hours of the night are may be better for avoiding traffic. However, you have greater chances of encountering reckless and drunk drivers late at night.

  • Keep Up on Your Vehicle’s Maintenance Schedule:

Tire blowouts and failure in brakes are the top mechanism defaults that lead to car crashes. Stay consistent with your car’s oil, tire rotation, brakes service, and so forth. A better condition of your car prevents an accident due to an operational malfunction.

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