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Workers’ Compensation in Las Vegas for Construction Accidents

Las Vegas is an emerging state with many ongoing construction projects. However, reckless construction can have several adverse repercussions. Serious damages can come out of accidents at construction sites. The laws related to workers’ comp in Las Vegas allow you to recover most of the expenses incurred by you in the process of recovery.

According to EHS Today, frequent accidents occur at construction sites. Construction accidents account for one in every five workplace fatalities.

Employees who sustained injuries while performing their employment duties are entitled to recover the lost earnings and other healthcare-related expenses. However, even if your employer was careless and negligent, you are unable to sue your employer for the damages you endured while on the job.

You may seek to recover damages from a third party, in the case where their negligence led to the accident that resulted in your injuries.

Following is the list of some common types of construction accidents that may occur:

  • Fires and explosions
  • Building collapses
  • Falling objects
  • Crane accidents
  • Scaffolding collapses
  • Equipment accidents

Contractors, manufacturers, subcontractors, property owners, and equipment leasing companies are all examples of third parties that can be held accountable in construction accidents.

Aggressive Advocates Who Won’t Back Down While Fighting for Your Workers’ Compensation in Las Vegas:

Insurance companies and big corporations all employ aggressive attorneys who will do anything to deny your claim for workers’ comp in Las Vegas and avoid a payout. They may even shift the responsibility on you and claim that you were also negligent and partly caused the accident. They will defer the final settlement by all means. You may also be pressurized by insurers to accept a low-ball settlement offer.

At our office, we don’t back down that easily and we will strive until you reach a settlement that you truly deserve. The investigation of your accident and adequate scrutiny of your accident reports and safety records will be performed by our legal team. We will also identify and interrogate any eye-witnesses. Our law firm is aware of where to search for evidence that the recklessness of the other driver or party led to your injuries.

They are also going to assess the total damages you had to bear as a result of the incident. Pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium, and emotional distress are the damages we will seek in these cases. We will not back down and pursue your case aggressively.

Most of the time, our professional attorneys are able to challenge the insurance administrators and convince them that a payout is in the best interest of everyone. However, if the counterparty will not negotiate, our attorneys will take the case to trial and fight for you in court.

  • The Collapse of a Building:

In the vicinity of Las Vegas, building constructions are a common sight. The city is home to tall skyscrapers. But wrongful deaths along with catastrophic injuries can be caused by shoddy materials, improper standard operating procedures by third parties, and faulty design. External walls are brought down onto everyone in the event of a collapse of a building. They could be hit with concrete, bricks, steel beams, and other harmful materials. Our law offices work along with adequate investigation rummage for evidence that carelessness led to the catastrophic tragedy.

  • Crane Accidents:

Various types of cranes such as rail-mounted cranes, truck cranes, and other overhead cranes are without a doubt, an essential building block of a structure. However, they can also turn to be extremely dangerous. A crane may easily fall when appropriate safety protocols are not followed or the machinery is flawed. Constructors and subcontractors may try to play the blame game for what happened. Our legal attorneys will dig through the depth of the situation and determine the real culprit for the workers’ compensation case in Las Vegas.

  • Fire and Explosions:

Construction work mostly involves the use of high-pressure containers, heated-power tools and equipment, and flammable materials. Several jobs on building sites also make use of electrical current or open flame.

  • Equipment Accidents:

Numerous different kinds of machinery and equipment are utilized in constructing a building. Table saws, hammer drills, nail guns, forklifts, bulldozers, and dump trucks are on this list. Severe damages can be caused by such machinery. Therefore, it is critical to follow proper operating procedures at all times. We will hold every party, despite their place in the hierarchy, accountable for such negligence.

Contact Us to Receive Your Workers’ Comp in Las Vegas:

The lawyers at our firm will unearth every fact related to your workers’ comp in Las Vegas. As time plays a great role in such cases, contact us today and schedule a free appointment.

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