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Workers’ Compensation in Nevada

Almost everyone is familiar with the phrase “workers’ compensation,” however few really know what workers’ compensation is.  In fact, few people actually learn anything about workers’ compensation until they themselves are involved in a claim. However, having at least a basic understanding of workers’ compensation might help in the event you ever find yourself involved in a claim.

The Nevada Division of Industrial Relations (NDIR) is a part of the Nevada Department of Business and Industry.  It has outlined some frequently asked questions about workers’ compensation in Nevada.  Importantly, it defines workers’ compensation as a “no-fault insurance program in the State of Nevada. . . .” The primary objectives of workers’ compensation are to provide benefits to employees hurt on the job, as well as protection to employers who provide coverage. There are multiple benefits associated with workers’ compensation. Just a few mentioned by the NDIR are:

  1. Medical treatment;
  2. Lost time compensation;
  3. Permanent partial/total disability;
  4. Vocational rehabilitation; and
  5. Payments in the event of death.

As for which employees or which employers may be covered by workers’ compensation, this is a question that depends on multiple circumstances. 

Workers’ Compensation Conference in Vegas

As jobs and employers change, workers’ compensation laws must evolve along with the changes.  To keep up with these changes, the workers’ compensation industry holds conferences like the 24th Annual National Workers’ Compensation and Disability Conference & Expo (NWCDC) that occurred on November 11th-13th 2015 at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.  The conference covered 5 major topic areas ranging from legal and regulatory issues, to claims management.  To illustrate the wide variety of cases that workers’ compensation encompasses, Tom Robinson, co-author of Larson’s Workers Compensation Law, gave a presentation on some of the most bizarre workers’ compensation cases that occurred during 2015.  According to the magazine Risk & Insurance, Robinson discussed cases like that of an EMT attempting to impress a coworker and accidentally killing her with cardiac paddles.  Another bizarre case involved a person being injured after he was tethered to a helicopter in an attempt to catch deer.

Common Application of Workers’ Compensation

Of course, not everyone will have a “bizarre” claim. In fact, some injuries may seem mundane, like a slip and fall, or a laceration in a kitchen.  Although these injuries may seem mundane, they may have more severe consequences.  Business Insurance has written that the 5 most common causes of workplace injuries account for 72% of direct workers’ compensation costs in the United States.  The most common injury is overexertion, accounting for 25% of workers’ compensation costs. Overexertion includes injuries caused by pushing, pulling, lifting, or some similar action. 

What to do if you are Hurt in the Workplace

If you or a loved one is hurt in the workplace you should make sure that you report it to your supervisor as soon as possible.  Prioritize your safety and seek medical attention if you need it.  Your employer may then require you to fill out paperwork for your claim. To ensure that your claim is being handled properly you should seek the help of a licensed Nevada workers’ compensation attorney.  Even if you already have an open claim, if you feel that it is not being handled properly you should consult a licensed Nevada Workers Compensation Attorney.

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