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How the Police Can Help after Las Vegas Drunk Driving Accident

It is essential to call the police to the scene if a drunk driver crashes into you. They can help you in various ways. Once you are feeling better and your wounds are healed after a Las Vegas drunk driving accident, it is recommended to immediately call a car accident attorney. Experienced lawyers can help you to get compensation for your damages, and having the police as a witness accelerates the process.

According to the data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, every day, about 28 people in the United States die in drunk driving crashes. That is one person every 52 minutes. In 2019, these deaths reached the lowest percentage since 1982 when NHTSA started reporting alcohol data. However, 10,142 people lost their lives. These deaths were all preventable.

The Police Are Always for Your Protection:

If the cops are called immediately to the scene, they can protect you in case the drunk driver gets disgruntled or hostile. The situation may worsen if they have any kind of weapon, as a drunken person is not very much in their senses and is able to physically harm you. In such cases, your course of action should not be the same, as then it will not help you in your case against that driver. Therefore, having the police at the scene reduces these risks.

The police can also assist you in gathering evidence to strengthen your case, such as inquiring the drunk driver or taking a statement, recording their number plate or arranging for CCTV footage from a nearby store or gas station, and talking to the witnesses and see what they have to say about the incident.

They Provide You an Accident Report for a Las Vegas Drunk Driving Accident:

One of the first things that the Insurance company will ask you is whether the driver was given a ticket or was arrested for driving under influence of alcohol. The accident report that the police are going to provide you will include all the details, which will assist in the filing of an injury claim. The accident report will, however, be providing a basic overview of the incident. The fault is determined by a judge after further investigations and court sessions.

The Police Will Tend to Your Medical Needs:

If you are injured and are swiftly taken to the hospital or a clinic, this can benefit your case and provide grounds for a better offense in court. If the injury is so severe that you are not able to go to the hospital, the cops can take you and brief your medical condition to the paramedics.

They Can Help Track the Driver After Your Las Vegas Drunk Driving Accident:

In the case of a hit and run, calling the police is vital. The accident report that the police provide will also detail how the other driver fled the scene after the collision. This can assist in your insurance claim under the Uninsured Motorists Coverage policy section. Moreover, the police might also be able to track down the driver and even arrest them. The arrest of the driver subsequent to the accident can also help in solidifying your case and therefore maximizing your chances of a favorable verdict.

The Police Handle the Situation:

The police have a job to investigate such incidents, gather all the available evidence, and inquire about any witnesses. It is preferred that they do all the talking because they are more knowledgeable in such situations. Their presence at the scene of impact can be very critical to your case. Even if the talk with the driver is heated up or a fight erupts, the police know very well how to handle the situation.

About Las Vegas Injury Lawyers:

We at Las Vegas Injury Lawyers consist of a team made up of qualified and extremely competent attorneys. Our collective aim is to diminish and discourage the act of driving under the influence of alcohol so that our society can get behind its steering wheels with peace of mind.

We deploy professionalism, along with some cutting-edge aggressiveness to make a good case for your Las Vegas drunk driving accident. Our customer support team is friendly and will guide you through the process. We will spare no effort and will provide you the compensation that you deserve. Call us now to book a free consultation and learn more about the services we offer. We like hearing from new clients!

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