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How to Maximize Your Car Accident Case Value in A Las Vegas

At our firm, our mission is to help provide you with the maximum car accident case value in Las Vegas and the essential compensation you deserve. After a car accident, heavy medical bills, and time off work, both can often lead the victim to face financial hardships. By filing a car accident report with the responsible party’s insurance company you can recover from the financial losses.

Unfortunately, insurers can minimize the amount they payout in a settlement because it is in their financial interest; and to reach that goal, they use a variety of tactics. They are in the business of making fair settlements. Though, our experienced lawyers will fight your case to provide maximum value and ensure the rights for you that you so rightly deserve.

In May 2021, fatal crashes in Nevada doubled as compared to the same month last year. According to the Department of Public Safety, in 2021, there were 29 crashes and 32 casualties during the month of May, statewide.

What Affects a Car Accident Case Value in Las Vegas?

In a car accident case, the amount of a settlement or judgment can be affected by many factors. These include:

The Severity of Your Injuries:

The case value depends on the medical and rehabilitation costs. The value of the case will increase if the medical costs are high such as traumatic brain injury or spinal cord injury.

The Amount of Insurance Coverage Each Party Holds:

If your injuries and losses surpass the responsible party’s insurance policy limits, your ability to get full compensation may be limited as you can only recover up to them. However, you may be able to recover additional compensation if you purchased medical payments coverage (MedPay) through your own car insurance policy. An experienced lawyer can make sure that all possible paths of compensation are examined by reviewing your policy thoroughly.

Economic Damages:

Expenses with specific dollar amounts are the losses whose value can be quantified. This amount can also contain expected future losses and the cost of medical care.

Noneconomic Damages:

After a car crash, noneconomic damages are harder to calculate but no less important. A value will be assigned by your lawyer to these damages such as pain, suffering, and mental trauma to account for these non-tangible losses.

Who Is At Fault:

In Nevada, a rule is known as modified comparative negligence, which means that the amount of your settlement may be reduced by the percentage of fault you are assigned for the car crash. Even if you were partly at fault, a lawyer can stop you from being unjustly blamed because insurance companies tend to shift the blame onto accident victims.

Strength of the Evidence:

To prove that the other party is responsible for the crash and your injuries, you need to make sure you have strong and convincing evidence. A lawyer can do a comprehensive investigation to find the evidence needed.

Dos and Don’ts to Improve Your Chances of Receiving a Fair Settlement:

After an incident, the value of your case or insurance claim can depend on your actions. To get fair compensation for your injuries, you need to make sure to collect any data possible so that it cannot impact your compensation.

  • You need to visit a doctor for a medical exam because you may have severe internal injuries or head trauma even if you don’t feel like you were hurt in the crash. To any compensation claim, a doctor’s diagnosis is very important. If you delay, the insurance company may debate that you are overstating or the crash is not responsible for your condition.
  • Do call the police to the scene. Information and evidence provided by the police report are important to a compensation claim.
  • Do get photographs of the scene. Make sure to take pictures right away. Your compensation claim will be strong if you provide more evidence.
  • Don’t talk to the insurance company without first talking to a lawyer. A lawyer will know how to present the facts to protect your rights while on the other hand; the insurance company will try to get you to say things that could reduce their financial liability.
  • Do not jump at an early settlement offer. Most of the time, the first settlement offer is much less than what you deserve. Before you understand the full degree of your injuries, the insurer will try to move fast in an effort to get you to settle.

What If I Am Partially at Fault?

Even if victims are partly at fault for the wreck, Nevada allows them to collect compensation. A percentage is assigned to each party’s level of responsibility for the crash. In order to collect the compensation for your injuries, you must be 50 percent or less responsible for your car accident. However, insurance companies try hard to put the blame on you because if you were found to be more than 50 percent at fault, you will not be able to reclaim any money.

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