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Hit and Run Accidents in Nevada

Hit and run automobile accidents are some of the worst kind of accidents.  As a driver, the idea of being in an accident and then having the offending vehicle drive off can be terrifying.  In a practical sense, all drivers are required to have insurance so that, if an accident were to occur, hopefully both parties will be protected.  However, this is not always the case.  Unfortunately, the reality is some drivers will leave an accident regardless of whether or or not they comply with the law.


Nevada Hit and Run Laws

Recently CNN reported on Lakeisha Holloway, the woman responsible for killing one person and injuring 37 others on the Las Vegas strip. Holloway is facing multiple charges, one of which only went into effect last October.  According to the law, “leaving an accident scene where an injury occurred is now punishable by up to 20 years in prison.”  This is a testament to how seriously Nevada lawmakers are taking hit and runs.


8 Las Vegas Now reported that the new laws are supposedly the toughest hit and run laws in the country.  Senator Mark Menendo is quoted as saying Nevada now implements the “toughest leaving the scene of a crash law on the books.”  Although this is a criminal law used by the state, the hope is that it deters other drivers from leaving the scene of accidents.  If you were to get into such an accident though, you need to be able to provide certain information.  So long as the accident you are involved in results in death, injury, or property damage, then you need to be able to provide:


  1. Your name;
  2. Your address;
  3. Your vehicle registration number; and
  4. Your driver’s license.


Although you may be thinking this only applies to Las Vegas police officer stops, you actually need to provide this information to the other driver as well.  Even though you must disclose this information, the upside is the other driver in the accident must provide this information to you pursuant to NRS484E.030.  With access to this information, both parties can assure themselves they have taken the proper steps to recover from an automobile accident.


What to do in an Accident

If the laws against hit and runs have not deterred the driver from leaving the accident, then it would be in your best interest to attempt to identify the driver.  Ideally, if you can get the other driver’s license place number this will be the most helpful information.  Alternatively if you cannot get that, documenting the make and model of the vehicle, especially with a picture, would be very helpful in ultimately identifying the vehicle’s operator.  If there are any witnesses in the area you should get their contact information so you can provide it to your insurance carrier.


By documenting the incident as much as possible, you make less stress for yourself when it comes to hit and run accidents.  Taking pictures of the accident to submit to your insurance provider will also help move your claim along.  If there is significant damage you should also try to file a police report. The police report may not be necessary, but by filing a legitimate police report, this helps to legitimize your claim.  If you are involved at all in a hit and run the experience can be jarring. You should contact a licensed Nevada auto accident attorney to help with your case.  Even if the perpetrator cannot be located, the attorney can still help you properly file you documentation.

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