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Different Types of Disability Workers’ Compensation in Nevada

Workers are an important part of any business and deserve certain rights. Getting compensated for their injuries is one of these rights. There are different types of disability workers’ compensation in Nevada and each one allows workers to get a certain amount of compensation. Almost all companies within Nevada and other places give certain benefits to their workers.

If someone was injured in their workplace or suffered physical trauma due to their employer’s neglectful behavior, they deserve to be facilitated. The disability percentage and value are determined by the type and intensity of the injury. Along with the injury, the court also judges your situation based on a doctor’s evaluation.

Almost more than 35,000 non-fatal injuries were reported in Nevada in 2019. Most of these workers suffered from major injuries such as fractures, broken body parts, partial or total paralysis, and much more. These employees faced such detrimental conditions at the place of their work.

Injured employees are entitled to receive medical aid, medicines, and all the help possible through Workers’ Compensation in Nevada. A complete understanding of these compensation laws allows individuals to get what they deserve. Without the proper knowledge, your employer might manipulate you into committing a mistake that would cost you your compensation money.

What Are the Different Types of Disability Workers’ Compensation in Nevada?

Before expecting a disability workers’ compensation in Nevada, workers need to make sure that they are eligible for it. In Nevada, four major kinds of disabilities qualify you for attaining benefits. These are:

1. Temporary Total Disability:

When an employee suffers a temporary disability that causes them to miss out on work for 5 to 7 days, they deserve to be compensated. This money is given by the employer to provide economic support to the injured till they don’t recover fully.

To qualify for complete benefits, the injured person will need to provide medical proof such as a doctor’s certificate. Once a person proves their condition, they can receive two-thirds of their average salary which is paid on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

2. Temporary Partial Disability:

Sometimes, some injuries might heal with time but the worker might not be able to fulfill their duties completely. Thus, they end up getting much less done than usual. At this point, they can claim temporary partial disability benefits. With the help of the claim, a person can receive extra money which covers the difference it pays. However, there is a 24-month limit on such benefits.

3. Permanent Partial Disability:

When temporary total disability benefits stop after a certain time, workers can apply for permanent partial disability benefits. If the injury doesn’t heal or continues to disturb your normal life, you have the absolute right to ask for compensation.

Most employers prefer to opt for lump sum settlements depending on the intensity of their employee’s injury. According to regulations, for each percent of impairment, the victim gets 0.6% of their monthly salary. Such benefits can last for years.

4. Permanent Total Disability:

If an accident left a person completely unable to do their job, they fall under the category of permanent total disability. Benefits related to total disability include monthly payments till the time the disability continues. From paralysis to loss of limbs and traumatic brain damage, all of these fall under PTD.

Additional Benefits Provided to Injured Workers:

In present times, affording medical expenses is not easy. Especially for the working class, it becomes impossible to get treated from a good hospital. That is why workers’ compensation focuses on benefitting employees everywhere. It makes sure that a company pays for medical expenses, provides transportation, doesn’t cut wages unnecessarily, and focuses on vocational rehabilitation.

Even if a person lost their loved one due to a workplace tragedy, they are qualified to receive death benefits. The deceased worker’s family can pursue the matter in court and demand justice. Children and parents of the dead can even ask for funeral expenses.

Hiring a Professional Lawyer to Strengthen Your Case:

Cases regarding disability workers’ compensation in Nevada are not as simple as they may seem. Employers try to avoid paying Workers’ Compensation in Nevada and blame the victim. Due to a lack of legal knowledge, workers make mistakes that put them in a vulnerable position. Even the slightest mistake can make your claim invalid.

Thus, hire a good lawyer beforehand and don’t pursue the matter without a professional’s guidance. Our lawyers handle compensation cases daily. They are seasoned and experienced individuals who know how to handle the complexity of the matter. If you or your loved one suffered in a work accident, contact our expert team of attorneys. They fight for your right till the very end.

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