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How Long After a Car Accident in Las Vegas Can You File a Claim?

A car accident in Las Vegas is a common issue and every year the percentage is increasing. If you ever get into such a situation, you should know what to do on the spot. Wasting time telling about the incident to your relatives or friends will not help. You should try to collect evidence for the accident, the injury, the car’s condition, and everything related to the accident like CCTV records, eye-witnesses, and the police statement.

According to the IIHS official website, there were 285 fatal accidents in Nevada in 2019. Las Vegas has a large population and heavy traffic, which means a higher risk of accidents.

Sometimes people do not know how to react to accidents; they often get depressed because of the heavy losses and they get agitated but they do not do anything about it due to a lack of awareness and familiarity with the legal system. Lots of people are not even aware of the claim services and how personal injury attorneys can help them. Since every state has its norms, Las Vegas also holds some regulations for everything.

Let’s dig into the specifications and how each situation can tell you what to do and how to claim for your accident within time.

What If I Am Not Injured but My Car Has Been Damaged?

Well, if only your car has been damaged when you meet car accident in Las Vegas and but fortunately, are totally fine, you can still file a case against the at-fault individual because you have to bear the car repairing cost. Make sure to collect maximum evidence that you were not at fault while driving and that you are fully eligible to get benefits as you are the victim here.

In addition, the time limit varies from place to place but filing a case for a car accident especially when the car has been damaged is about 1 to 2 weeks. You should prioritize fulfilling the legal requirements whenever you meet an accident because these things will help in the future as well.

What If I Am Injured?

If you are injured, you have suffered a lot due to the car accident, and it was not your fault, then you should stand up for your loss. You need to be active right after the accident but if you are not fit enough to take legal actions against the next party then you should instruct your relatives or any caretaker to handle legal matters. Grab maximum evidence against the person at fault and ensure to provide the court with solid statements and documents.

This process should also be started within 2 to 3 weeks; maximum right after the accident. This time frame is suggested and appreciated by all because 15 to 20 days after an accident is the maximum time limit where you can collect solid evidence. It would be easier to handle if reported at its earliest.

What About the Nevada Statute of Limitations?

This law is imperative because it gives balance to the overall order situation. Let’s consider an example of Mr. A and Mr. B. A meets an accident and is a complete victim of reckless driving on B’s part. A files a case within the next 6 months after the car accident; everything goes smooth where the court investigates the whole scenario.

A provides everything to the court, solid evidence within time, hires a professional attorney, and meets every legal criterion properly. The court compensates for his loss and aids him respectfully. But if A files the case against B after 3 years of the accident, all the evidence will go in vain.

The statute of limitations in Nevada gives the plaintiff 2 years to claim for the personal injury. After 2 years, none of the concerned parties can claim anything to the court. They might settle down things in between but they cannot deal with the matter legally. If B is a government officer, then the time limit is changed to just 1 year; B has to claim the injury within 1 year of the accident, or else he will not be entertained by the court.

Were You in a Car Accident in Las Vegas? We Can Help!

We understand that these laws are hard to deal with and only a professional attorney can help you and give good advice. Reach out to us now so that we can serve you with the best in the case of a car accident in Las Vegas.

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